St. Petersburg sketches. How with humor to get rid of the old wallet?

My dear family, seeing me off, insistently advised me to leave the old and buy myself a new wallet. "Persistently" - to put it mildly! ā€œIā€™m ashamed, shameful, the homeless would have disdained !!!ā€ - I left my sweet home for such an unfriendly cooing. No doubt, the wallet has served its due, long ago it was time to buy a new one, but something prevented me from parting with my ozblezshim dermatin friend.

Is there logic?

The girl Masha was a friend of Kolya for ten years, then for five years they portrayed living together, with the result that signs of pregnancy appeared. All friends were expecting a happy marriage, but then the logic of events collapses. Masha married Andrew, and Kolya found his blue happiness with a resident of Holland, where he was evacuated.

How to create arabic style in the interior?

The main feature of the interior in the Arabic style is the specific binding of Arabic ornaments (arabesques), which are a collection of strict geometric figures decorated with floral motifs. Arabesques are made by mosaic or painting on plastered walls or vaulted ceilings.

What microclimate should be in the nursery?

The most important role in the development of the child is played by the microclimate of the room in which he lives. It is well known that young children, especially the first year of life, are most sensitive to changes in weather conditions. During his prenatal formation, the child was in a humid environment, where he breathed and fed through the umbilical cord.

When will I become an adult? Co-dependency

... Or, finally, to get the most beautiful dog in the world. Get the rights and learn how to drive a car, become a taxi driver or pastry chef, flight attendant, actress, great traveler ... They take it higher, dreaming of becoming president or at least the general director. Since childhood, we wanted our opinion to be important, to be heard, respected and appreciated.